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Waste Not Theatre is committed to fostering new writing, directorial and production talent. 


Our company members write, direct, produce and perform in our shows, but we welcome guest creatives and performers into the mix at every opportunity. Our callouts outline our latest production visions with opportunities for writers and performers. 


Feedback is very important. We do not shrug off writers, but provide personalised feedback for every submission. So whether it has been a while since you have stretched your creative muscles, it is your first foray into writing, or you are a seasoned creative, we want to hear from you!* 


For performers, auditions are ordinarily in a workshop style, but you may be asked to deliver something more specific, depending on the production and role.


*Waste Not Theatre does not read unsolicited submissions. Please respond to callouts only. Unsolicited submissions will be deleted immediately. For further details, please read our unsolicited submissions policy.


When we are seeking talent for our productions in development you will find all the details on this page. 


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